Consequences of the International Early Childhood field knowledge!

In the field of Early childhood education I have learned that families and children are faced with daily struggles. The are faced with lack of resources, and awareness of the programs that are available to them in their community.

Some of the consequences I have become aware of internationally during the study of trends and issues of early childhood education are

- I have become aware of the struggle that children are enduring internationally.

- I have become more knowledgeable and educated in the origins/ backgrounds of children and families around the world.

- I become more empathetic as you connect their experiences to the children you encounter as well as your own.


One of my goals for the field related to international awareness of issues and trends and the spirit of collegial relations is to start a mentorship that helps and teaches educators who have just entered the field of early childhood education. The mentorship program will consist of educators helping each other create new ideas and ways to make families more aware of the resources in their community. The mentorship will also allow for educators to create new teaching ideas, and lesson plans that benefits each child individual development.


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