My Aspirations & Personal Side of Bias, Prejudice, and Oppression

Updated: Aug 29, 2021

My aspirations with regard to diversity, equity, and social justice are

to provide quality care, and equal opportunities. My aspirations are to ensure that every family feels welcomed regardless of their culture, religion, race, sexuality, gender, etc. I want every child to feel comfortable enough to acknowledge their difference and understand that is what makes them unique.

The different ways in which my colleagues have supported me are by communicating new ideas, and ways to address diversity. They have welcomed my ideas and experiences. They have given me quality resources and ways to better advocate for children and families.

The ways I have supported them are by encouraging and providing my own experiences. I have been open and explained the ways I have faced cultural differences and diversity.

My wish for my colleagues as they continue on their professional path are them to continue to grow and become successful in the field of early childhood. I hope my colleagues continue to advocate and help to ensure that families and children receive quality educationand support.

I would like to thank all of my colleagues for their open discussions, and encouragement through out this course. Best wish !

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