" My Supports"

In the field of early childhood educators are a part of a child's support system. A strong support system is necessary for children and adults. My support system consist of family memebers, friends, colleagues, and the familes that I care for. My family has always been my biggest fan with any choices I made in life. They attend all events, they participate actively in my life daily. They even are backup baby sitters when emergencies occur. My supporters encourage me to change careers and become an educator, they also inspired me to go back to school. My colleagues, and students motive and support me as well. I learn through them everyday and they inspire me to work hard and be the best version of myself.

Supportive Ways

-Some of the ways I am supported are I am encouraged daily through spiritual text and emails.

-I receive help from family and friends when I feel discouraged.

-My students make me pictures and cards and their parents are very supportive.

-Colleagues provide resouces and teach me new techniques.

-My children and I have healthy competitions, with grades and test to encourage each other.

Supportive family, friends and colleagues is very important. It helps me to maintain a positive attitude even on my bad days. Sometime juggling work, and school can become overwhelming. My children and my students make me smile even when I frown. Children have a way of always saying something that's funny or giving a Wow moment. The wow moment just makes you smile and forget all your troubles. I can't imagine not having daily support from my family, friends, and colleagues. I would be completely lost with out someone to calm me down, and encourage and motivate me.

- A strong support system gives the foundation for success!

" Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind!

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