Perspectives on Diversity and Culture

Diversity and Culture exist amongst families and friends. I recently had the opportunity to discuss with a few of my relatives, and friends about what the term "Culture" and "Diversity" means to them. I was given very similar but different answers. The relatives I asked all were different ages starting from mid 60's to teenage years. My frields who I asked the same question were ages 25-35 years of age.


The responses I reeived were as followed:

60 year old female: Diversity means different. She explained that diversity is a different race, gender, ethnicity, and religion.

22 year old male: Diversity is a different race and ethnicity, a different language.


The responses I received were as followed:

15 year old female: Culture is your religion, ethnicity, the language you speak, and the food your eat.

60 year old female: Culture is your way of life. Everything you have been taught. The language you speak, food you eat. Culture is the way your express your self, and the way you teach your family. Culture is your history.

Listening to the responses everyone had a part that may have been important to them. Their definitions of diversity and culture all had important pieces of information. The definitions that they each gave me included the aspects that I have studied in this course.

One example would be: The 60 year old female statign that "Culture is your way of life, your language, food you eat, your way of expression. In the media segments from a prior week the panelist stated " The panelists define “family culture” as the parenting pattern, the dynamic, and the role of the child. Family culture is the race, religion, ethnicity of the family, and the family’s way of the world(Laureate, 2011)."

Listening to the definition of other express what they think "Diversity, and Culture" are has influenced my thinking in many ways. My family memebers helped raise me, and are apart of my culture. One of the individuals I asked was my mother. The definition she gave was the exact definition I gave in my first discussion post. Culture is my history, my parenting style, the traditions I have been taught by my mother, and I am now teaching my children. The way we celebrate holidays. Our way of speaking, and the clothing we wear are all related to culture.

We all are different in various ways, so we are bring diversity with a similar culture.


Laureate Education. (Producer). 2011. Family Cultures: Dynamic Interactions(Video file). Retrieved from

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