Relationship Reflection

Family & Friends are important relationships! Building relationships helps with developing social- emotional skills. My relationships with my family is very close. We have regular Sunday dinners, and weekend family game nights. According to NAEYC there are several ways to establish healthy relationships in the classroom with children. Some of them are

Connect with children- Be authentic and genuine through actions like smiling, making eye contact, and having social conversations with students. Allow time for children to talk to you and vice versa. Teaching can be hard and overwhelming. Often stressed about meeting standards and preparing for assessments, sometimes we forget this very important part of our job. To truly connect with children, we must be sensitive and aware of not only the academic needs of our students but their emotional needs as well. Relationship can make a child have a great experience if its positve, and change their entire life.

Important Relatioships in my life

I have had many relationships throughout my life. These relationships have helped to shape me into the person I am today. Some positive some negative relationships. They each have taught me something whether the realtionship was good or bad. Some of the relationships that are important to me our my children, mother, siblings, students and familes, and a few frienships.

Positve Relationship Factors

My children and I have a open relationships, we discuss our feelings openly. We have family rules, and boundaries. We give each other space, and express when we are right or wrong.

My mother raised me alone, she provided, sent me to collage, kept me safe, provided, nurtured me, and is my best friend. She has helped me raise my children as well.

My siblings each have a uniques and special relationship with me. We group chat with each other daily to check in, two of them work with children as well, Im the middle child but the youngest girl. My siblings treat my children as their own, and I treat their children the same.

I have a bestfriend who I talk to daily. We motive and help each other when in need. We each are in early childhood, we both are single parents so we try work as team and help each other when in need.

Relatioship Challenges

- Communicating- communicating your emotions and feelings in relationships is sometimes difficult, becuase of feelings and emotions.

-Time Management- Finding time to spend with family and friends can be difficult, due to working and other obligations.

In my life I have learned to be homest in every relationship, whether it's family or friends. Communicating exactly how someone made you feel can damage a realtionship if the person does not know that they hurt your feeling with their actions. I have learned that positive relationships consist of honesty, trust and respect. These are also traits that can help with teaching children. Children need respect, they require honesty, and trust. Children have feelings and emotions. Honesty, trust and respect are three really important parts of a positive relationship.

Positve Relationship & Early Childhood

Having positive relatioships can impact my work as a early childhhod educator by teaching me the importance of trust, respect and honesty. Early Childhood professional have to build positive relationships with children and families. Being a parents and a sister and having positive relationships has shown me how to communicate, make children feel safe, nurture, and open commuication. Children have to have rules, open commuincation allows them to help with making the classroom rules. Students are more likely to follow and adhere to classroom expectations when they have had some form of autonomy with setting the rules. Being a parents of six and being the middle child of 5 siblings I have faced challenges being the youngest and being the oldest. My experiences from being a parent, a child, sister , and friend will help me to create positive relationships with children and familes in early childhood.

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