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Research is the ability to generate discovery, and to understand how the discovery work (Trochim, Donnelly, Arora. 2016). My reserach simulation is "does the stressor of Covid-19 daily procedures affect the relationship with educators and the development of children ages 2-6". This simulation is important to the field of early childhood because mental health and physical healthy are very important part of a child's development. March of 2020 was the beginning of a "New Norm". Covid-19 changed the daily structure of childcare facilies and schools arounf the world. The policies and daily procedures require masks at all times except for during mealtime, and nap. Children were not longer able to have close contact with their peers or eductaors. This new policies and procedures can create a stressful environment for children and educators. My simulation provides information on the affects of these daily procedures. It will provide information on the ways the educators and childrens interact with each other. The curriculum and the ways it has been adjusted to provide social distancing. It will give data and interviews from eduators to provide whether the behavioral issues have increased, becasue of the distancing and mask.

If I were to conduct my simulation proposal the educators would benefit. It can suggest the advantages and the disadvantgaes of the Covid procedures. It can show were the procedures are flawed, and if chidren are benefiting from following the polcies of if the polices are creating more issues and leading to behavioral concerns.

Some of the ways my perception of early childhood professional have been modified as a result of this course is I have begin to evaluate the overall standards we follow as educators. I am more determined to complete research and to investigate. This course has made me more aware, and has taught me the research methods, and designs. This course was fustrating, and hard but it made me a better researcher, and educator. It made me work harder. One of my favorite courses so far!

Trochim, W. M., Arora, K., & Donnelly, J. P. (2016). Research methods: The essential knowledge base. Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

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