A Pickle Triggers all 5 senses!

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

This story is by author Rachel Isadora. It bring together all 5 senses with just a Pickle. My class loved the story, and was able to relate. It is a story that makes you have an appetite for a Pickle! The story explains all 5 senses and has very diverse characters. I love this book.

#classroom #writingutensils

This bullentin board I created brings all 5 senses together! Smell the Grass! Taste the Acorns! Hear the Birds, Tweet- Tweet! Feel the Leaves! See the tree! # Summer time fun # Explore! Enjoy Nature! Bring ouside, Inside, Practice social distancing!

This word wall is designed to bring together 5 senses, shapes, and colors. # review month!

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