Your Family's Country

I work in a childcare facility, and I recently found that I will have the priviledge of working with a family from Canada. I have begin to prepare for this family's children to join our childcare facility. I want the family to feel safe, secure, and comfortable upon arrival to our facility. I wanted to eliminate any language

barriers, and learn about their culture prior to their arrival.

Five Ways I prepared myself to be culturally responsive towards the family!

- Create an environment that reflects diversity the facility with posters of different flags from around the world including Canada.

- I will learn and teach staff and children how to say hello ( EH) which is also part of the Candian slang. It is used to end statements as well.

- I will choose activities and curriculum that are comfortable for the child/ children, that they are familiar with in Canada. I can even plan for a indoor camping activity.

- I will introduce the staff and children to Candian foods. 5 National Cuisines in Canada are Poutine, Canadian Bacon, Butter Tarts, Nanaimo Bars, Maple Syrup.

How my Preparation will benefit me and the family

My preparations will benefit me and the family by making them feel safe, and giving them a touch of home life. Being in a new environment can be stressful, but having our facility take the initiative to get familiarized with their culture will help them eliminate some stressors. I also help it makes the family more comfortable with leaving their child/children in my care. I want to build trust with the family, and ensure them that they are safe.

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